Prajna Remedies

Botanicals and medicines with full accountability & full potency

Including rare and endangered species from the Himalaya and the Andes



(Picrorhiza kurroa)


(Aconitum heterophyllum)


(Nardostachys jatamansi)



(Maytenus macrocarpa)


(Abuta grandiflora)

Clavo huasca

(Tynnanthus panurensis)


(Calliandra angustifolia)

Ajo Sacha

(Mensoa alliacea)

Prajna is a sanskrit word for the feminine principle of transcendent living wisdom and her facets of knowledge, discrimination, judgment, device and design.  As the personification of Wisdom she is known as Saraswati, Sophia, Saa, and Green Tara.  She is primordial in scope, as they say, a Shakti of AdiBuddha.

To the extent that humans are yoked to this principle, this meta-being, this perennial diamond of tejas, to Prajna herself, they think, speak and act in ways that are aligned with an illustriousness so beautifully redolent of sustainability, positive evolution and alliance with the greater good.  Anything that is glowing with an abundance of Prajna tends to cure all the ills and pain around it; indeed Prajna remedies. 

One of the ways to support our deeper alliance with Prajna is to consume those plants traditionally known to support her wisdom within us, and by consuming these plants we can begin to experience that Prajna remedies our deepest ills, including ignorance.

Prajna Remedies is a non-profit venture set up as an ethical supply chain between small family farms and consumers/clinicians/companies who require the absolutely highest quality herbs, and who also want to support the sustainable propagation of rare and endangered species.

In general, all the herbs are in small traceable batches, 1-100 kg, all are fully transparent as to the source, all are hand processed, all are sustainable, all are pulsating with Prajna as much as possible.

One of our goals, one of the intentions, is to remove the idea that herbs are mere fungible commodities, and instead support herb sources that offer herbs as non-fungible ‘vintages,’ unique, powerful, pranafied, ‘prajnafied,’ rare, potent, and products of clear and kind consciousness.

This company was created for many reasons.  The main reason is to support the preservation of Himalayan herbs by supporting Himalayan farmers.  Another reason is that people are loosing touch with what the true potency of an herb is.  Most people say that potency is measured by the amount of marker molecules in it.  To me, the best metric of an herb’s potency is the amount of Prajna and Spirit the herb carries.  The second best metric is the amount of Prana it carries!  Marker molecules could be a third metric and certainly useful in its own right.  Note that a significant amount of an herb’s potency depends on who the herb's human is.  

The more we know and cultivate true quality and potency, the more we will know ourselves and our place on this good Earth.

Thank You for checking in, and know, with your help, there is much more to come,

With Pranams and Prajna,

Prashanti de Jager and the Prajna Remedies Network